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Sudha Murty’s The Gopi Diaries|Book review by Riddhima,9,Kalyan

What are you reading? 9-year-old Riddhima from Kalyan reviews the 2nd book in Sudha Murty’s ‘The Gopi Diaries’ series for us.
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During the lockdown, our school had started a ‘20 minutes home reading challenge’ for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 30 days and 90 days. I participated in all and got a certificate for the same. Now reading is my passion. I read many books from our school library and bring some home also.
As I love golden retrievers, my parents gifted me the book of the Gopi diaries – Coming Home. I was super happy to read this book. Recently, I got the second part ‘Gopi Diaries -Finding Love’ from Harper Collins.
In this book there are five chapters. They are :
Happy birthday to me!
Life’s a dream,
A day at the office
We are family
Love, at last!
In this book, Gopi the dog celebrates his 1st birthday by eating his favourite food. He eats ice-cream for the first time and is super happy for the yummy food.
I like the part when Gopi on his birthday morning hits his head on the mirror thinking that another dog was there! It was really funny.
When Gopi goes to office with Ajji, he eats yummy foods from employees and they love Gopi very much. Gopi drinks water from the tap. It is so interesting.
I also like when Ajja told the Japanese story to Gopi. The book’s illustrations are excellent.
I would love to give 5 stars for this book and recommend it to all of my friends.

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