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Harry Potter, Pink Panther and Lady Macbeth | Poem by Tanyaa,14,Kolkata

What’s the strangest dream you have had? 14-year-old Tanyaa from Kolkata takes us to her vivid dream world of books and characters.
pink panther poem bookosmia
As I put my book down at half past twelve

I hear a soft rattling behind me on my shelves
I shut my eyes and put a pillow over my head
And slowly pull over me my pink panther bedspread


The rattling gets louder, my toys fall to the ground
My eyes fly open and I spin around
But alas, the rattling stops, I see my toys where they were
I turn back to my side feeling deterred


I rub the sleep from my eyes so that I can see
And squeal when I see sitting on my clock that now reads one ‘o’ three
A tiny basilisk peacefully snoring away
I sit up thinking these were the effects of my fever today

My assumption vanishes and now I am screaming
When I see a pink lump I know I am not dreaming
The panther now sits by my frozen feet
Toying happily away with The Dragon Pete


A hand cups over my mouth and has me still

Now I am face to face with The Boy Who Lived
Behind him a man Phawkes the Phoenix perched on his shoulder
I now see Dumbledore who hasn’t grown any older


Flabbergasted I sit for I know this is not a fantasy
For in a fairyland, I would not be thinking logically
My mind wanders to how could this be true
How could Jason Grace be smiling at me with his glasses askew


I am alive with laughter and fall as I see
Tris Prior trying on royalty
Lady Macbeth’s head pops angrily out of a book
And everyone in the room cackle as they look

I feel a ray of sunshine on me and I rub my eyes once more
And see it’s quarter to six and no ones in the room anymore
Sadly I dress up and get ready for school
But stand still as I feel on my neck a scoop of slimy drool

I vividly remember Snoopy on my headboard
My eyes fly to the corner of the room where stands Hook’s sword
My eyes widen and I know it wasn’t a dream
I run to my wide open windowsill when I hear screams

Down in the street Shelob and Aragog in head to head combat
Chasing each other on top of roofs Jerry and Tom cat
Months pass by and all my fantasies are scattered across the globe
But Lady Macbeth’s head still pops out looking for her robes.

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