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Nandita Kartha

10 Years


The Birthday Gift| Write & Draw Story by Nandita,10, Bangalore

Do you enjoy cute step- by- step illustration stories too? 10 year-old Nandita from Bangalore writes about Zina’s surprise birthday gift and helps you sketch something along with it. Read and draw to know more!

robot draw kids bookosmia

It was Zina’s birthday. And she was feeling on top of the world! After all, her father was building a
cycle for her. Wasn’t that exciting?

While Zina was helping her mother organize the birthday party, Zina’s father opened the instruction manual and got started.

First, he found 2 big boxes (Draw #1)

draw story kids bookosmia

That had some of the building parts.
Inside the first one there were 3 smaller boxes (Draw #2)

draw kids bookosmia

In which were 3 bells (Draw #3).
draw kids bookosmia

He then started looking here and there. Why? Because he realised he did not have the screwdriver.Hoping to find the screwdriver quickly, he walked to the living room (Draw #4); but it was not there.

draw kids bookosmia

Then he went to his bedroom (Draw #5)- but the screwdriver was not to be found.

robot drawing kids bookosmia

He looked high and low but he could not find it.



Zina’s father then went to the kitchen (Draw #6) and started searching – he looked in the cupboards, in the potsand even in the pans. He walked around the corners of the house (Draw #7) and then he noticed that his pet dog was playing with the screwdriver.

robot draw kids bookosmia

“Oh, you naughty guy!” he exclaimed and took the screwdriver from the dog, who started looking a bit disappointed.


Anyway, Zina’s father got back to his work. By then, with the blowing of the breeze, a few pages had flipped in the instruction manual, but he did not notice. He continued building. And after a while herealised that instead of a cycle, he had built a robot!

“Oh no! What did I do? My dear daughter will be very upset.”

He did not have enough time to fix it and so he decided to show it to Zina. He thought he would
break the bad news very slowly to her. He did not want to see his daughter sad, especially on her
birthday; and so he wrapped the robot in a pretty gift wrapping paper, and hid it behind his back.

Heslowly went to Zina and was about to break the news to her when Zina suddenly said,“Father, I do not want a cycle as my birthday gift, I want a robot!”

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  1. That was a nice illustration Nandita. I am curious to see how the cycle would have looked?:) Wish to see it in the next article:)

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