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An adventure to the moon| Poem by Sia,8, Bangalore

Do you love rhymes? 8 year-old Sia from Bangalore writes a lovely rhyme about going on an adventure to the moon that is sure to cheer up your day. Read on to know more!

Monday motivation - Learning to change from the moon

Soon will come the moon, with a spoon in the noon!

I will play a nice tune, with the sun’s bassoon

I will pack my bag and blow up a balloon.

I will go with my balloon to the moon!

I will watch the seasons with their reasons

and the tycoons from the moon,

And I will return by afternoon in June.

And when I reach home,

I will pop the balloon

And watch the moon

From my room.

5 Responses

  1. When you go to the moon, Please come back soon……. so we can read more poetries from you 🙂 That’s a lovely Poem Sia:)

  2. Wow awesome, filled with so much creative thoughts 🥰. I traveled with this imagination to the moon and landed back to my room with the ending lines

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