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#SaraReads: Story- The Aquamarine Realm

#SaraReads stories for kids by young author Chennai Sahana Bookosmia

One fine day Rakshah and I started out on a long holiday to the Emerald Grotto, a place with a beautiful cave filled with emerald crystals beside the Sapphire ocean.

When we reached there, we explored the cave and dived into a cool, green pool in the cave. Suddenly we found ourselves in a whole new realm. “Oh my god Rakshah, do you know where we are?” I asked. “I have no idea. But how are we able to breathe and speak underwater?” Rakshah replied.

“I do not know. Maybe we can find someone who does know.” I said.
“Sure” Rakshah replied.


Then we heard a sobbing noise. “I can hear something. Let us go there and  see.” I said. We followed the noise and saw a small clownfish sobbing. “What  happened?” asked Rakshah gently. My family is missing.” the clownfish replied with a sob. We glanced at each other and nodded. “We’ll help you” I said.

“Oh, thank you so much but who are you?” asked the clownfish. “We come from Earth. Can you please tell us where we are?” I asked.
“You are in Aquamarina, the sea village. My name is Tilly. If you have come to help us, please come meet our Queen Sasha.” the clownfish said.

“We would love to.” we said.


We reached a big coral palace and saw a beautiful mermaid sitting on the coral throne. “Greetings your majesty” we said. “Greetings! Welcome to  Aquamarina. I was told by Tilly that you want to find her missing family. That is very noble of you, but you have to go to Electra, the eel and get her permission to use the knowledge pearl. Many have gone before and failed her test, so please take care and take this map with you.” said Queen Sasha. “Thank you and farewell” we said.


We followed the map and reached Electra’s cave. We heard a shrill voice. It  was Electra. “Many have come but not one has passed my test.” she said.  “If you pass you can use the pearl but if you fail you have to stay here as my prisoners.”

We were disheartened but we remembered Tilly’s hopeful face. I said, “We are willing to take the risk”.
“Very well but first we need to see if you are pure of heart. So place your hands on this crystal ball and tell me what colour do you see.” Electra said.

We both replied that we saw white. “Hmmmm! Now for the riddles.” she said  with a smirk. “Oh no!” I muttered. I was not very good at solving riddles.

“If you drop a yellow hat in the sea what does it become?” she asked. We did not know the answer.

“Wet,” I joked nervously.

“Correct,”Electra replied.

“Wow! it was just a wild guess,” I said.

“Great going,”Rakshah grinned.

“Beginner’s luck,” Electra commented.

“Here is my second riddle. Wash it and it is not clean. Don’t wash it and it is clean what is it?” she asked.

“Ooh I know it is water,” Rakshah said.

“Hmm..” Electra frowned. “No one has gotten this far,” she said.

“What always runs but never walks, has a bed but never sleeps?”Electra asked her final question.

” Hmmm! Is it a lake?” I asked.

“No! You have only one more chance,” replied Electra.

“It is a river.” said Rakshah.

“Terrific! You can now ask the pearl.” Electra said.

“O pearl, where are the missing creatures?” we asked.

“They are in the horrid caves,” said the pearl.

We thanked the pearl and quickly swam towards the horrid caves.  “When we  went in there we saw a huge octopus.

“Why are you capturing everyone?” I asked the Octopus. “Yes. Their family and friends miss them,” Rakshah added.

“Oh, I had no idea. I just captured them because I was feeling lonely,” he said. Well why don’t you come to Aquamarina?” I asked.

“I have tried but they all hide as if I were a monster,” he said sadly.

“Well, how about we introduce you to the Queen and no one will run from you
anymore. Please release the fishes you have captured,” Rakshah said.

“Oh, thank you so much!” he replied.

Then they all went back to the coral palace.

“This is Thomas, the Octopus. He had captured the fishes because he was  lonely. Please tell all your subjects not to be scared of him and to be his friend,” I said.

“So be it!” Sasha replied.

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