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#SaraReads: Essay- My Golden Lockdown Days Of 2020

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Essay: My Golden Lockdown Days Of 2020

It was on 14th March, the Maharashtra Government declared holidays for schools and colleges due to COVID-19 epidemic. My final assessments were  yet to begin on 16th March. I was little sad as I was well prepared. It was surprising to see everything getting closed- offices, shops, restaurants, malls  e.t.c. due to COVID-19.


Mine is a nuclear family. My parents, myself and my younger brother. My father works in the financial sector, my mother is a homemaker and my brother used to go to playgroup. In lockdown, my father started working from home. My parents divided the chores without disturbing office and my online classes.


My father spent a lot of time with all of us. He taught and played so many  indoor games with my younger brother and I.  Indoor cricket, football, carom, ludo, dancing and an exercise and many more.  My mother is a wonderful chef and I am a food lover. She always cooked special items (home made cakes, ice-cream, pizza, south Indian, desserts and many more), whatever I demanded. 

Our evening time was fixed-to sit in the gallery with tea and milk along with  light snacks and enjoy beautiful nature, which we could see and feel in this lockdown time. No air pollution, could see the rainbow which made me thrilled and happy, could hear the chirp and singing of birds, clean road, fresh air. It was just beyond words to express the beautiful feeling about our ‘Mother Earth.’ We all loved every bit of it.


Besides fun with family, my online class had also been going on. My mother helped me in each and every co-curricular activities and worksheets provided from school. I am learning new techniques every day. My mother used to give  me new topic for story writing, which in turn gave  up me confidence . In these lockdown days, my new area of interest became reading, art and craft, helping parents, playing with my naughty brother and writing stories.


My online class got over on 31st May, 20 and from 1st June Government  -declared “Unlock 1.” My father started going to office thrice a week. Now my routine has changed a little. Initially at the time of classes, I used to wake up at 9:00 a.m but now am getting up by 11:00 a.m. It felt like almost half the day has passed. I loved to watch “Jai Shri Krishna” on T.V., with my mother and brother, play subject related puzzle games on laptop and eagerly wait for the evening as my father comes from office. The situation is not the same as before. We are not allowed to touch our father. Once he freshens up and changes his dress, he plays with us. We all enjoy together in the evening, the same routine sitting in the gallery.


Till the time, the vaccine is out for COVID-19 we have to stay at home  (especially the kids below 10 and senior citizen above 60 should not go out) so its better to learn things from your parents and sibling and use time well. My new e-learning session of class 2 will start from 26th June, 2020.  Till the time am enjoying and learning ample of things from my family. Being with family is a ‘blessing’. We should love and respect our family members. I am enjoying my lockdown days.

 Hope you all are also enjoying with your family?

Stay Home Stay Safe.

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