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#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown: Poem-Corona Warriors

#SaraReads stories for kids by young authors Parthvi from kiccha


“Oh police, do you feel scared of corona?”, I asked once
No he said ”I just work for you without weapons and guns.”

“Oh doctor, do you feel scared of corona?” I asked with surprise
No she said “I work for you without any prize.”

“Oh soldier, do you feel scared of corona virus?” I asked with pride
No he said “I work for you without getting tired.”

Hail corona warriors! The selfless care and duty towards nation
Relentless dedication and abundant affection.

You brought peace and respite to all
Prepared a ground from which no one can fall


Salute to you for being always there
We breathe in the fresh and rejuvenating air.

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