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Here’s an inspiring story by 11 year old Pearl Doshi, a young writer from Sharjah reminding us that bullying is not ok and that we should always alert our parents, teachers or caregivers.

Read with Sara story by Pearl Doshi from Sharjah

This goes back to when I was in fourth grade and had just moved to Pony’s Wellington school.


My previous school was kind of dull but it was fun. We used to have horse rides, dog chase, catch the pigtail, playing in the mud and many more games. But when I came to my new school that was Pony’s Wellington school, it was posh. The walls here were as soft as a pillow and as bright as the sun. I could smell something weird and then I found out that they were called perfumes since I had never used them.


This was a totally new life. I was getting used to my new school but somewhere deep down my heart I was missing my old school. I was missing small things like we used to get dirty everyday there but here in Pony’s Wellington, it was not like that. If anyone got dirty in mud or something, Ronny, Molly and the leader of the group and the most callous of them all, Britney would tease and make fun of that person.


Since my name is ‘Chloe’ the trio used to call me ‘Choe’ just to tease me and make fun of me. I had only two friends, Bryn and Brook somehow we were connected because all of us were getting bullied by the trio.


One day was the darkest day for all three of us since we just got to know that Bryn’s mom was diagnosed with stage two cancer. We prayed a lot for Bryn’s mom to be okay but unfortunately, it did not happen. Several weeks later, Bryn’s mom passed away. We all were deeply sad, but I felt very bad for Bryn since she had lost her father too a few years back. She was now all alone, so my mom talked to the orphanage people and had her adopted. I was so excited and so was Bryn. We had taken leave from school for a week, but Brook was still in school.


After one week, we went back to school and we were shocked to see the drastic changes.


Our best friend, Brook was acting very bizarre and was ignoring us. Then I called her and instead of Brook her mom picked up the phone and I asked if she was there but her mom said that Brook had gone out. The next day, the same thing happened. At this point, I was really curious if she was telling the truth, so Bryn and I hid behind a bush from where we could see everything. She came out of the house! We were astonished and angry. She was not alone! Our best friend had actually ditched us and had joined the other trio who used to bully us! We overheard them talking about bunking school which was against the rules.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, I was thrown to the ground. They had seen us and now Brook was slapping me and getting violent, threatening not to tell this to anyone.


When I went back home, I told my mother this. My mother immediately called the school. And then once my mom contacted the school they sent Brook out of the school. It was very difficult for me and Bryn to go back to school but we remained strong.



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