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13 Years


T20 world cup : It’s cricket time | Poem by Pratham, 13, Bangalore

Woohoo! The T20 world cup is here! 13 year old Pratham breaks into a poem as he shares all the excitement the game brings.

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Poem- T20 world cup : It’s cricket time
Arguably the most exciting form of cricket
In a matter of balls, a six..a four and then a wicket!
Balls fly out of the oval
In a flash, the batsmen run a double
A direct hit! Run out!
‘How is that?’, the fielders shout
The umpire raises the dreaded finger. Commanding the batter not to linger
Partnership broken!
The crowd announces their ecstatic emotion
The fielding side sense a wonderful chance
To ensure a win in advance.
Spinners with their googlies and flippers
Trying to please their proud skipper
Pacers bowl their deadly yorkers
Giving the batsmen plenty of horrors.
Everyone believes that this game has been sealed
But six sixes in the last over and a win they could yield
What happens next is up to you
‘Cause I, too, have absolutely no clue!’
*Image courtesy : Cricket Times

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