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Durga: The all-powerful goddess| Poem by Navoneer,10, Kolkata

Durga Puja may be over the impact of this festival, lingers. 10 year old Navoneer from Kolkata pens a beautiful poem telling us why Durga is so revered by her devotees.

Festival with Sara Durga Pooja by kids for kids Bookosmia

On one side two children, two on the other,

In between stood their great glorious mother.

Under her feet lay Mahisashura at his grace,

The Demon, who already had lost his face.

Now, come closer my friends and let me tell,

How it began and whether all ended well.

It all started with Bramha giving a boon,

To a demon, destined to shake the earth soon.

“You shall be immune,” that was how the boon went,

And that was the beginning of all the terrible fate.

To convey his appreciation, it was a small token,

“You shall be immune to the power of the male.”

For, none other than I, Lord Brahma have spoken.

And that was the beginning of the entire tale.

True to his words, Mahisashura brought fear,

Nobody could do anything but wail, “Oh dear! Oh dear!”

Vishnu however found a flaw in the boon,

He said, “I’ve got it, but we must do it soon.”

It’s a dame, a lady, a Goddess that earth needs,

One of a kind, who fights and also does kind deeds.

And thus was created Maa Durga, the great,

A goddess who would save people from meeting their fate!

Finally the time came when she went to the battle,

A battle which made the whole world rattle!

It shook the ground, turned mountains to dust,

All were covered in dirt from head to bust.

Then she emerged victorious with smile,

But the earth was devastated, snapped all the tiles.

Yet for the god their happiness was so tall,

They took no time to repair it all.

And now every year we celebrate her,

For her glory which can never blur.

When Durga comes alive poem by kids festival with Sara Bookosmia

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