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Shalini Kar

12 Years

14 Years

DAV Public School, NTPC, Kaniha, Angul, Odisha


India’s Freedom Struggle:Captive Never Again | Poem by Shalini,13, Kaniha

If you have started reading about India’s freedom struggle, you may identify with what 13 year old Shalini from Kaniha feels about it.
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India’s Freedom Struggle  : Captive Never Again 
Screaming “Oh Britishers!
Don’t kill me…”
Suddenly I woke up in fear
But, it was nothing but a dream.
My parents rushed into the room
And told me how the freedom fighters
Came and unchained our motherland,
So we are free today.
I slept again and dreamt again
Someone asked me, 
“What would you do if anyone
Captured your motherland again?”
My blood became warm,
I replied, “Whoever it might be, I would not excuse.”
Then I realized my love and respect
Towards the freedom fighters,
Tricolor and my motherland.
India Independence Day

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