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Divij Haralalka

13 Years

53 Years

Singapore American School


Swamp Boy | No To Bullying Story| Bookosmia

Being bullied at school, is one of the most common and unfortunate experience for most students. Today, on the International Day against Violence and Bullying at School, here is 13 year old Divij Haralalka from Singapore, sharing a beautiful write up on the same theme. Divij is a student of Singapore American School.

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It was a rather pleasant day.

“God is crying,” I thought to myself. Yet, it was so much better than the  blistering heat that I had had to endure these past few months.


I slowly  trudged up to the entrance of my school, in my soaked uniform. When  I finally reached class, the teachers and all my friends stared at me in horror.


As I stood at the entrance, a small puddle was starting to form. All my friends were giggling and my cheeks started to turn red. Suddenly a hand shot up.  Without even waiting for the teacher, my best friend Yajush, asked me in front  of everyone, “Did you stop and go for a swim Divij? Because you are  drenched!”

I was so embarrassed. Yet I held my head high and marched over to my seat.  Everyone was giggling hysterically, especially my rival Krishiv. He was smirking the whole time and I just wanted to rip that smile off his face. This entire year,   he had been making hurtful comments about me. I had only forgotten to bring an umbrella, while I have to walk to school. Just because they all can take the school bus, doesn’t mean that it is fair.

Soon my clothes dried but it was all rumpled and uncomfortable to sit in.  Thankfully, lunch came soon. But I forgot that it was still wet and the sizzling  heat would have no effect on this morning’s downpour. As soon as I entered  the cafeteria, all heads turned to look at me. I froze.


That’s when someone called out, “Look it’s Swamp Boy!” and everyone started laughing.

At first, I was confused. Swamp Boy? That makes no sense and that is when  it  all came back to me. Someone who was in my first class, had come up with  this joke. I was furious. But as more and more people started jeering, my anger  melted into shame and quietly left the cafeteria with tears rolling down my cheeks.


First god was crying and now I am, I wonder if someone also called him a  horrible and disgusting name?


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