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Rahul’s Dreams| No To Bullying Story | Bookosmia

On the International Day against Violence and Bullying at School,  10 year old S. Sharan Sundar from Chennai shares an inspiring story of how a determined child did not let ridicule from his school mates, deter him from achieving his dreams. Sharan is a student of NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School, Chennai.

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Rahul is the only child to very poor parents.

He is very interested in writing, reading and learning more. He wishes to join the best school in the city, but his parents are not able to accomplish his wish,  due to their poverty. They worked hard to make enough money to pay Rahul’s fees and managed to get admission in the school by selling their jewels.


But when he finally joined school, he was teased by his classmate about his appearance and dress. His complaints were not heard much by his class  teacher.


His mother advised him to concentrate on studies only and also  advised him to do his duty and  not fret over the result. On that day, he decided to work hard to become rich and powerful. He only concentrated on studies. He worked hard and studied well.


Rahul used to bear all the ridicule by his classmates. Finally, he got admission in medicine. But he did not forget to help underprivileged people. In return, all his worries  vanished due to the gratitude and praise from poor and elders.


He realized how true his mother’s words were long ago- to just put in the effort and it is bound to pay off.


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