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Prisha Moitra

9 Years

53 Years

Indus Valley World School


Spring Is Here! So Is My Art! | By 9 year old from Kolkata

9 year old Prisha from Kolkata feels the spring in her step as she puts down her happiness on canvas. Enjoy her art and write up!
Spring is here! So is my art!


Sara reads Covid Story from Bookosmian Prisha MoitraThere is a ‘spring’ in my step as spring has arrived! 9 year old Prisha Moitra, a Bookosmian from Kolkata feels it too as she puts down her happiness on canvas and sends us a beautiful write-up about art too!

Prisha is a student of Word to Word Consulting and goes to Indus Valley World School, Kolkata.


Art and I go a long way back. As a toddler, I loved to scribble with varieties of colours on the walls, bedsheets, paper. I remember having used my hands and legs as an easel too and painting them with different hues. My favourite back then was hand painting, which we did at school.


When I was five years old, my parents decided that I needed a proper tutor to nurture this hobby that was close to my heart. I soon realised that I was someone who couldn’t draw following a set of rules. Like, my colours always seemed to disobey me; they always slipped out of the dotted border my tutor drew. One more thing that I found out was that all my paintings had to have a personal touch. I didn’t always draw the way my tutor taught me. If I did not connect with my art, I ended up not liking it.

Spring is here! So is my art!


Soon I was able to draw all sorts of animals, trees, houses, sceneries, fruits and veggies, birds and many more!!

I love to take inspiration from real-life things to draw as well. Like, I try to draw birds that come and sit on our balcony. And the stray dogs that roam the streets.

Spring is here! So is my art!


Whoever made birds had a good sense of colour. Birds, with their fluorescent and vibrant feathers and gregarious nature, have always fascinated me. And, I also believe that when they sing their sweet songs, it is a signal that Spring is arriving!


Spring is here! So is my art!


When I first thought of making these pictures and sat down to do so, I was immensely excited and a bit confused since I did not know where to start from.


Which colours to pick? Which birds to draw? These questions occupied my mind I even thought deeply about how to make the perfect picturesque spring.


Creating the art that fits the theme just right can be really difficult sometimes. I had to draw several rough sketches before I finally felt like these are the birds, I know will describe spring the best. I even found the right colours for my trees and flowers. When I had the final work in front of me, I felt satisfied and happy. In my mind, I had always pictured this happy place with a lot of foliage and all the colours of Spring. The hues that my birds had on their plumage was a perfect complement to the scenery I had drawn.


My favourite was the eagle that seemed to have popped out of an imaginary world where everything seemed young, fresh and radiant.


Spring is here! So is my art!


Each drawing I believe has a persona of its own and together they narrate the absolute tale of nature’s beauty and change. While I filled my birds’ drawings with colours, I could not help but wonder how imaginative the creator of the real birds and everything around must be.

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