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Natasha Nayak

17 Years

53 Years

St.Xavier's high school


The New Painter On The Cloud | Bookosmia

The new painter on the cloud
The new painter on the cloud

Sitting on a wall
breathing what was left ,
The clouds like a curtain
Infront of the queen of beauty.

I felt, the world is beautiful,
Maybe for sometime.

Lullaby in the chirping of the birds
Anger of the ant on my leg
For killing his friend.

The new painter on the cloud

My head moving,
As the clouds travel,
Laughing all the way.

The varying colours of the sky
Experiments of a new painter?

I felt, the world is beautiful
Maybe for sometime.

Alas ! Time woke up
I had to return …..

But, I promise, to sneak back

When time sleeps,
To see the queen of beauty
Sitting on the throne of clouds.


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