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‘Siblings are the best friends you can never get rid of!’ Bhai Dooj special -Essay by 6 year old Naksh Jain from Hyderabad

Sibling Love Bhai Dooj essay by Naksh Jain Hyderabad

Siblings are the most precious gift given by god and by your parents. Siblings  are our first friends and our first enemies also.

I have a small sister her name is Jeevika. She is 2 years 10 months old. She is  very cute and naughty. I love her very much as she plays games with me and  even takes care of me sometimes.


We fight a lot because she always takes my things and toys and never shares her toys . But when she cries and says sorry, we again become friends and play together. We watch TV together but she doesn’t allow me to watch my  channels.


But still, I love to watch her channels with her. Sometimes I teach her. She  loves studying with me. I don’t feel lonely when she is around. During this lockdown she is my best companion, my friend cum sister. I wish we always  stay together.

Sisters are the best friend you can never get rid of. I am happy to have her in my life.


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