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Sibling Love – Science Experiment Gone Wrong |By 13 year old from Guwahati

Sibling love - Science experiment gone wrong

It happened. In August, when my brother Bran and I had some friends over to spend the day. I had never had one before and thought it all very exciting. To add to the fun, our parents were going out.

Sibling love - Science experiment gone wrong

Everything seemed perfect. Slowly the Seven-Stars-gang, as we called it, with Lily, Brook, Philip and Rose filed in with their stuff. My rabbit was part of it too!

We messed about and it was all going well until the talk about our school science assignment came up. We had to create a toy substance through heating using home ingredients.

Sibling love - Science experiment gone wrong

“…and as my pap is a scientist, I must take lead,” announced Brook, who fancied himself as a junior scientist.

“I think we should make slime.” He went on and we exchanged glances.

At school slime was quite ‘famous’ even between teachers and so, on the whole we decided to try.

Brook confidently began collecting the ingredients and soon we were sitting around with corn-starch, water, mug, shampoo, glue and a mini-heating stove.

“Why a stove to make slime?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, I am good enough to set things well,”  Brook assured and my heart sank.

Brook’s leadership had often resulted in horrid results. With a gulp, we began. We mixed and kneaded everything and the stove-part came. That’s when things began to be horrid.

Lily, who was steadily pouring in the slime on stove shrieked as the impatient Brook snatched it from her. It spilled all over the rug and the heated part expanded.

Sibling love - Science experiment gone wrong

“Brooooook!” everyone cried. It stuck to Lily’s shiny hair and she shot towards the bathroom like a rocket. We rushed after her and I squealed as my rabbit, who had come to inspect, slipped on the slime, and turned all sticky!

Philip, who was after Lily, bumped violently into me. I gazed at the stairs and heard Lily shout, “Aah! The bathroom is locked!”

I remembered the bathroom was shut for repairs and almost at once everyone came rushing in.

Meanwhile, my rabbit was jumping up-and-down all over the drapes, sofa …. bother, bother, bother!

Brook was the last to add the ‘cherry-on-top’. His hands were all covered in slime and he fell over on Lily, his hands dripping on her hair, which she felt and shrieked so hard, the ground shook.

Sibling love - Science experiment gone wrong

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