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Raksha Bandhan – Brother And Sister Love Forever | Bookosmia

Raksha Bandhan - Brother and sister love forever

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Poem by Kashvi Shah Today is Raksha Bandhan! 8 year old Kashvi Shah, a Bookosmian from Mumbai, pens a sweet poem on what this beautiful festival means to brothers and sisters. Are you celebrating it too? Tell us!
She goes to the Green Acres Academy.
Raksha Bandhan - Brother and sister love forever

We trust each other

We will be together

I will always be by your side

You will be my true guide


You are like my mother

You are like my father

Our love will always be true

Our relationship will have good values


We all are caring

We all are loving

We all are helpful

We all will be joyful


I respect you so much

Our faith will grow in a bunch

Our love will not end

You are my best friend


You are always fair

May you be blessed with love and care

In life we will have a lot of fun

Dear brother and sister, Happy Rakshabandhan!

Raksha Bandhan - Brother and sister love forever





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