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Rakshabandhan With My Sister | Letter by Mitali, 11, Delhi

It’s the festive season! 11-year-old Mitali’s heartfelt letter to her sister for Rakshabandhan is a must-read! 

mitai raksha bandhan letter sister

Dear sister, 


You and I are sisters. Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up…after I finish laughing! 


I had always wanted a little sister. Every day when I was younger, I’d wish and wish for a sister. And then, when I was precisely 4 years and 10 months old, I got what I wanted.. sort of!


You see, I was expecting a quiet little baby sister, who’d put up with my endless chatter. Instead, I got a little monkey who’d prove that cures for ego trips are siblings! 


When I first saw you, my questions were  ‘How can I play with this tiny thing?’ and ‘Are you sure she’s a girl?’


Actually, you were mostly sleeping and crying a lot. Now, come to think of it, I actually miss those times.

The trouble began when you started to learn how to walk. Soon, you were darting all around the place in your walker, getting into my books and unfortunately, my sketch pens. You gave the walls an extra coat of paint, much to our dismay.

And this was just the preview, the real fireworks started when you learned how to talk. You, my little sis, took away the prize for being the chattiest in the family. Once you started blabbering…you never stopped.


There was (and still is) quite a lot of sibling rivalry between us. I am the only one allowed to poke you and make fun of you, and woe betide anyone else if they try to do that. You are the one enemy I can never ever live without.


This Raksha Bandhan, as we tie a Rakhi to each other, know that we will always have each other’s backs. We are always at each others’ sides and throats. We don’t need a brother to protect us; we have each other.


Remember, sis, behind every little sister is a bigger one with a bat saying, ‘You wanna say that again?’

And we both play that role for each other, no matter in what order we were born.


You think I’d let you get away without keeping up your share of the deal? 


Lots of love, hugs, and kisses.

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