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The Rain in London | Travel Blog by Suhani, 15, Kolkata

15-year-old Suhani from Kolkata shares hers favourite memory of London during rains in this travel blog. 

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Water droplets trickled against my window panes, magnifying the view. The velocity increased by the minute, making a loud and pleasant sound, which tempted me to go out. My finals had ended and I did not have to worry about falling ill. I grabbed my coat and a red umbrella, put on my long rain boots and set out for a walk. Nothing brought me peace like the rain did.

I walked along Cranbourn Street, the view of the stately buildings bewitching my heart and mind. The posh shops had the ‘Closed’ sign slammed against the door with the lights switched off. Some billboards were as active as ever while some flickered, making a creepy sound. Some of the Christmas lights were still up, brightening the streets the way stars light up the night sky. What really caught my eye were the neon signs- my favourite. I captured some of the signs on my phone to add to my collection of aesthetics. 


As I crossed Burger King, I saw a group of friends huddled in there, probably seeking cover from the stormy night. The desolate streets barely had any people or cars. The blurry image of the buildings was reflected on the wet floor. The lanterns shone bright, adding a touch of bright gold to the beguiling view. The rain played an enchanting tune- one that I could get lost in.

I turned left at an intersection, entering Coventry Street. All the shop shutters were pulled down, the road was silent. The light emanating from the church ahead added some life to the bleak boulevard. The trees swayed with the wind; the leaves danced in harmony. The wind howled, the owls hooted, the thunder played to the beats. Nature had become a choir singing its own tune. A double-decker bus passed by, the tires screeching  against the drenched floor. Rain drops slid down the looming,  coarse grey statue of three horses rearing as if they were in a battlefield.

I felt every moment of the walk. The petrichor, the haze, the sound, the view, the sky, the lights, the tranquility. These will forever stay with me as a worthwhile memory.

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