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Incredible India | Poem by Anavadhya, 12, Trivandrum

Why is India so special? 12-year-old Anavadhya from Trivandrum pens a poem about it. 

Humayuns Tomb Incredibel India poem kids

Incredible India 


India’s pluck and bold coasts,

The rich flora and fauna,

With diversities and cultures,

It is a tourist’s delight.


From the lofty paragliding,

At dazzling Manali,

To the hot desert Rajasthan,

With its splendid forts and caves.


Tourism in India floats,

Like a boat in the backwaters of Kerala,

Whose appetite is filled with spices,

Making us turn into a gourmet.


With the joy of laughter,

From the land of Punjab,

Packed with sweets,

Whose taste gives us a new dynamic. 


As the world explores new treasures,

Hindustan continues to give its tourists pleasures.  

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