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MINECRAFT THE MOUNTAIN by Max Brooks | Book Review by Rishav, Kolkata

Rishav from Kolkata recommends this book to everyone, even if that person does not like Minecraft. Check out his review.


minecraft the mountain max brooks review

This book picks up from where the last book ‘MINECRAFT THE ISLAND’ finished.

The gist of the first part of the story is that a person is trapped in the blocky world of Minecraft with no memory of his origin. He searches an island which he stumbles upon for answers of his origin. He  survives a lot of dangers. Along the way he learns life lessons from his animal friends. The last lesson he learns is what pushes him forward, leaving the comforts of his home island and venturing out into the seemingly endless ocean in search of new lands.

He does find one.

It has a snowy tundra and taiga landscape. There he finds a fellow explorer. They name themselves as Guy and Summer. Summer shows Guy her magnificent home. It is situated under a lava pool and continues into a mountain. It is gigantic and full of huge rooms. Most of the rooms are not lit as Summer had not yet got enough material for enough lamps. Summer and Guy go on adventures which take place mostly in a hellish dimension which has lava oceans and lot of hostile creatures. It is named ‘The Nether’.  They mine resources there to find materials for lamps. All the while Guy is prodding Summer to finish the under-mountain castle quickly and the set sail to find the answers of their origin.

Will she join him on the quest of finding answers?

I will not answer that question here so that I don’t spoil the reading experience.

Max Brooks has done a marvelous job with the story. The narration is from the perspective of Guy. The lucidity and smoothness of it makes the book very attractive.

I will highly recommend everyone to read it even if that person does not like Minecraft.

This story does not focus on the game but focusses on the tale of a lone explorer finding company of a friend in an unknown and treacherous world and sharing their adventures.

It is best for the age group of 8+ years.

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