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Digital Art – Discovering The Shine Within Us | Bookosmia

Digital art - Discovering the shine within us

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Hey friends! Sara, here. Love digital art?
Art by Keya Malhotra14 year old Keya Malhotra, a Bookosmian from Delhi, makes us think with this stunning digital art about letting a child shine on their own terms! Do you also love digital art? Send us!
She goes The Heritage School, Rohini.
Digital art - Discovering the shine within us
Everybody is born with a light inside them that burns brightly. When young, one is callow and unconditioned, thus accordingly credulous and tender, their light shines ever so brightly. A child’s light stirs something in you, something that is indescribable, yet confusingly pleasant.
It is as a child matures that this light starts to fade… by experiences, events, people and places that make one forget how to let their light shine bright. Emerging into adulthood and maturity tends to make life darker and seemingly pointless.
To overcome the apparent darkness that is so prominent in the contemporary world, one needs to realise their individuality and discover what makes them unique. One shall not hide their light merely to preserve their ego and live by social norms that bind our hands and restrict us from reaching our full potential. One needs to rediscover their light and allow it to shine.

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