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Oscar Wilde’s – The Young King – A Review | Bookosmia

Oscar Wilde’s - The Young King - A review

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Book Review by Dhruv‘The Young King’ by Oscar Wilde is a historical fiction from the 1890s. 10 year old Dhruv Arora, a Bookosmian from Kolkata, delves into this fascinating short story with a strong message of empathy.
He goes to Don Bosco School, Park Circus.
Oscar Wilde’s - The Young King - A review
The story ‘The Young King’ by Oscar Wilde is a fantastic fable. It is set in a mysterious kingdom long ago.

It is about a young boy who has lived a simple life only to be told at 16 that he is infact heir to the crown. When he learns he will be the king, the boy asks for the most valuable items, ordering for the best coronation clothes.

Oscar Wilde’s - The Young King - A review

The main focus of the story is on oppression, as in all four dreams that the young king had the night before the coronation, he dreamt about how his coronation clothes were made with the ones making it being in bad conditions.

This story has lots of morals like ‘Do not support slavery’ and ‘Do not be greedy’. I agree with these morals but the best one is ‘Do not treat others unfairly’. To me, the moral is a very interesting part of the story. I believe Oscar Wilde has written quite a nice story.

Oscar Wilde’s - The Young King - A review

I liked that at the end, the young king chooses his own old clothes instead of the coronation robes.

I would recommend this story to ages 10-14 and give it five stars.


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