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Chocolate World – When The Monster Attacked | Bookosmia

Chocolate world - When the monster attacked
Once upon a time, there was a planet named Chocolate World. The Chocolate World was very beautiful. The trees on the planet were made up of ice cream. The mountains were made up of pudding. The people used tools made up of Dairy Milk and other chocolates.
In the Chocolate World, people celebrated a chocolate festival every ten days. A man named Hersheys was new to the town.
It was the third day of the festival and many people suddenly heard a strange noise.
“Oh no! The Coco monster is coming,” shouted one little boy. Coco monster was an evil monster who would invade and eat the people. No one could stand up to him.
Chocolate world - When the monster attacked
At that time Hersheys had come to buy some chocolates. He saw the Coco monster destroying the chocolate displays. When Hersheys saw this he took his chocolate hammer made up of Dairy milk in his hands and went to hit the monster. But when he saw the scared monster, he put the hammer down and pacified him.
The monster then realized that he could get chocolates by helping rather than destroying them. He helped Hersheys and together they made the Chocolate World beautiful again.
Chocolate world - When the monster attacked

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