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Elizabeth Joseph

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Gregorian Public School


Girl Child – What Does She Want? | Bookosmia

Girl child - What does she want?



The night was calm

The stars were bright

Smiling upon that little light,

She is pretty and white

Like a darling lamb.


But look she is a girl

What good is she born for?


There is nothing good at all

Her brothers are brave

And she is scared;

There is nothing particular about her

The world sees her only as a girl.


She is sweet and innocent

Doesn’t know how the world is,

She climbs a tree and hurts her knee

She is only a girl, what good is she for

But all she wants is respect.


No one knows what this girl will be

Someone’s wife? Someone’s mother?

It doesn’t matter at all,

Isn’t that what she is born for?


That’s the way it is.

But look she is a girl

What good is she born for?

No one knows what she is up to

As she grows her strength within her glows


Her bravery is noted,

Her love for her nation is pure

As she seeks attention for her strength

But look, she is a girl


How much strength does she have?

What service can she give her country?

She can’t be in the army

Can she bring honor to the nation?

But look she is a girl


What good is she born for?

Stop! She will rise like a sun, which will never set

She will glow even more bright


She will rise, nothing will stop her

After all she is a girl

Who dares to stop her?

She won’t fall, her wings are now stronger

Beware! She is coming, no matter what

The world for all is all what she wants

Let the world be ready for her.


Look she is a girl

This is what she is born for.

Girl child - What does she want?



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