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Road Safety – An Annual Day Function That Made Everyone Think | Bookosmia

Road safety - An Annual day function that made everyone think

Road safety - An Annual day function that made everyone think


Sophia was in school. The assembly hall was looking as busy as a bee hive. Children were excited to get their annual function roles.

Ms. Mackenzie was a little late today to arrive in class. But now Ms. Mackenzie had come.  Sophia’s section got a play to enact. The play was on road safety.

Sophia found the story emotional but she liked the story. The rehearsals were starting after two days. Sophia got most of the dialogues as she was the main character. She was a fast learner and got fluent with her dialogues.

Rehearsals were now going on and Sophia was doing well. Ma’am loved Sophia’s acting. After rehearsals for two weeks, finally the annual day came.

When it was the chance of Sophia’s section,  she was very much excited. She was revising all her dialogues. When the children entered the stage, their parents were hooting.

Road safety - An Annual day function that made everyone think

Children were excited to see their parents. When the play started, the first scene was that a girl’s mother was getting ready. She was  also forcing her kid to be with them at the wedding. But the girl was not listening to her mother. The audience found this scene funny, and were able to connect with it.

The second scene showed the family at the bike and the girl whose role Sophia was playing was asking her parents to wear helmet. The mother said that ‘’My makeup will be spoiled if I wear the helmet.” The father said “I feel warm when I wear my helmet,” but she insisted so they wore it.

Road safety - An Annual day function that made everyone think

The narrator explained that the girl received a call about her family having met with an accident and what saved them was wearing a helmet.

The story ended there. The audience found this scene emotional and realized how important road safety is.

There was a two minute silence and then at the podium, Ms. Mackenzie asked the parents “Will you now listen to your kids and follow road safety rules?’’

The parents replied ‘’Yes.” The kids and Sophia were very happy and left the stage.


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