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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Chores, Art, Reading & Kitchen- Too much to do!!

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About : Anya loves books, dancing, her Kindle and her phone. Some of her hobbies are playing tennis, reading,chatting with her friends, reading, watching TV, reading, dancing and reading!! She enjoys doing nail art, writing blogs and listening to music. She also likes giving advice to anyone who asks her opinion….. And she absolutely loves taking selfies!!

Before Lockdown Started!!

There was a rumor spreading all day about a techie being infected with Covid 19. His kid went to one of the Whitefield schools in Bangalore, where we lived before. So, at heart my parents were worried about all our friends residing there. However, they did not completely believe the hearsay until at night the news started spreading about the rumor being true. That is when my parents received a message from my school by word that all exams have been cancelled. 

The reality..oh oh! 

My sister and I started jumping in joy together, we screamed and danced  for almost 45 minutes in happiness ….. hurrah ! My summer holidays had started! I had planned everything beforehand. I was going to first visit my beloved grandparents, try out a new hairstyle, do some baking, make funky videos, video call my friends and disco all day. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, lockdown was declared and all my plans got shattered. Then I realized that there was no other go, but to cross the bridge when I came to it. was time to re-frame my plans.

Chores, art, reading and killing it in the kitchen! 

Most people say that lockdown is very boring and that at some point they might die of boredom. Well not with me, I have had a great time. I also learnt a few very important life lessons. 

These days, my younger sister and I help our mom with daily chores in our own way. I read a lot and do artwork with my younger sister. We have also been whipping up a storm in the kitchen. 

Sometimes in the afternoon, my sister and I make small yummy tit-bits after my mom takes her forty winks! To date we have made chocolate lava mug cakes, triple chocolate peanut fudge,  cream shots, Monaco shots and a lot more than I can list.  My mom and I also made apple- pie, pancakes and mango cheesecake. Oh and by the way you are always welcome for recipes listed above!


I also discovered that I have a talent for playing the musical instrument keyboard. It was originally my mom’s idea to make me learn how to play any musical instrument as it stimulates brain waves. ( I don’t like to admit it but my mom can come up with pretty cool ideas ) My first song was our national anthem- Jan gan man.

I am not allowed to step out as a precautionary measure due to ongoing pandemic. My mom thinks it’s dangerous – I personally agree though I miss going out and meeting my friends.

I am trying to be as grateful and positive as I can these days. In case you are struggling with it, you can ask me for ideas in the comments section and I’ll be happy to help you with some great pass time. 

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