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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay- Now the stage is not for us

sarareads gratitudeduringcovid young author from orissa

All the world is a stage.

Now the stage is not for us but has been snatched away by the Covid19. Corona Virus has spread everywhere. Everthing is corona-based now. Plays are being conducted based on corona, people are writing about corona (even me) and the only thing the news channels show is about corona.

The coronavirus is now a pandemic and switched on the panic mode button around the whole world (I also learnt that the word panic can be spelled using the letters of pandemic).

My COVID19 “holidays” begun on the 16th of March, quite a long time ago! Since then, I am seeing that the roads are empty and less people are around, no school, no talking to friends and no play has made this situation a bit boring for me.  But, I also think that I am lucky to be staying at home and getting all the essential commodities and realized that my problems are nothing compared to the plight of the jobless, homeless and stranded people.

For, the last few weeks, my school has started classes and I have a lot of homework to complete and to tell the truth, it doesn’t feel like a holiday anymore and actually it never was one anyway!

On the positive side, I am spending a lot of time with my parents and helping them out. I like helping my mum in the kitchen as I love cooking, especially short and experimental ones which I watch on 5-Minutes Crafts or find on Google. I love reading books, especially ones by Enid Blyton. I am getting quite a lot of time to read books now.  I am watching a lot of movies nowadays and I am also a big fan of Dude Perfect.

I am also getting to learn new things such as playing the keyboard and trying to learn html and Python. I tried a pencil sketch of Messi, my favourite soccer player but the sketch turned out looking like Sergio Ramos, a player I don’t like. I had planned to watch the Champions League this summer, but I don’t think it will turn out to be a success this time.

I am thankful to all those people out in the crowd amidst the corona, helping us get our essential supplies without even having us to go outside the house like the grocery store owners and  delivery boys. I also admire the doctors, nurses other medical professionals and the police for helping us out in the pandemic.

I hope all my dear readers are at home and are safe.

Corona Virus will not survive for much time as long as we are in this together.

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