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Pranks siblings play! Funny story by Krishnav,10, Kolkata

Here is 10 year old Krishnav from Kolkata sharing his experience in this funny story. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get your own prank ideas (wink wink)!

Read with Sara Pranks sibling play Bookosmia

It was my birthday, but there wasn’t any fun. My sister had promised to give me a gift, for which I was really excited. But for a long time, she didn’t give me any gift. I was really bored so I decided to play a prank. But I couldn’t think of any idea.


After some time, I went outside. My party was ready. There was another door through which I needed to go join my party. But all of a sudden, a big bucket of  water fell on me and the water was also very cold. I was shivering. My sister came in front of me and said, ” How did you like your present, brother?”


I was dumbfounded. I replied, “Okay. Be ready sister.” Now it was necessary for me to play a prank on my sister. 


I got not just an idea, but many! I went straight to the dining table. I took a packet of chips, Oreo biscuits and small bottle of fizz drink. I ate up all the chips and filled the packet with water and stapled it. For Oreos,  I ate the cream and switched the cream with toothpaste and for the bottle of fizz drink, I exchanged the whole drink with vinegar. I just kept those things in front of my sister and told her not to eat it.


Then, I hid behind the door and saw my sister eat the snack. When she ate the biscuit, her mouth turned fully white and she was angry. To remove that taste, she drank the fizz drink but as soon as she drank it, she spat the whole drink out as it was vinegar. Then she didn’t bother to eat the chips so she went away but it attracted her and when she opened the packet the whole water splashed on her. I said, “For such a good gift you gave to me, here is your return present. How did u like it?” It was totally rib tickling for both of us.  


It was a really enjoyable and memorable moment for both my sister and me. We laughed a lot. This incident would make me laugh, for my whole life.



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