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#SaraReads: Story- Sia and Ben’s space adventure

#SaraReads stories for kids by young authors from Bangalore Omisha

Once there were two friends- Sia and Ben. They had a spaceship! Shaped like a slice of cheese, no less! The ship was called “The cheese ship”.


One day they launched the ship and left earth. They found a green planet  called Riphod that was in danger. Riphod was several galaxies away from The Milky Way. It was home to The Riphodians.

“Let’s visit this planet, Sia. We can stop here for rest,” said Ben.

”Alright Ben, prepare for landing,” Sia replied.


They landed on Merlot, the capital of Riphod. The village of Merlot was  huge!There were many houses of different shapes and sizes. But the largest  one was the palace of the king and queen of Riphod.


“Wow! this castle is so big!!!!”Ben and Sia exclaimed together.

They ran up to the castle. One of the Riphodians walked out of the castle and said, “Welcome to Riphod, space explorers!”

Can we enter the palace??” Ben asked.

“Yes,”said the Riphodian and ushered them into the throne room, while announcing to the king and queen, “Our planet can finally be saved.”


“Welcome, welcome!” said the queen.

“Hello,” replied Ben.

“Are you hungry? We have a lot to eat here,”asked the king.

“Thank you but we are not hungry,” replied Sia.

“We shall take you on a tour & show you the whole village of Merlot,” said the queen.

In the tour, they saw the customs, traditions and food of Merlot. After that, Sia said,”Your highness, we heard something is wrong on your planet.

“Yes, it is time we discuss about this,” answered the king.

“We have got reports from all over Riphod that trees are disappearing. You must help us,” cried the queen.

“Don’t worry your majesty, we will solve this case, wont we, Sia?”asked Ben. “Yes, we will!”replied Sia.

“Take us to one of the sites, your highness,” said Sia.

“Sure, here in Riphen, there were thousands of trees. But now, there are less than two hundred trees,” said the queen.


“Well, maybe your planet does not support life anymore,” said Ben.

“Could be, we shall figure it out by tomorrow,” said Sia.

They did search for answers for the rest of the day. The next day, Sia asked the queen, “There is a type of creature that eats trees. It’s breed is called “vertoxis thermoxis. Maybe they are the ones behind this all.”

”But,we can’t blame them if what they eat is trees,”said the queen.

”Yes,”replied Ben. “Well, what should we do?” the queen asked.

“I say we go to the chief of those creatures, speak to him and deal with the  consequences,”said Ben. Then, they went off to see the chief. When they found the chief, they saw a vast area full of many creatures.

“Wow, it is so beautiful,” said Ben.

“Yes,” said Sia. “I think I found their chief,” said Sia pointing at the top of a rock.

“I am called Unavatatu,” The chief said.

“Hello Mr. Unavatatu, I am the king of the Riphodians. You see, our trees are
disappearing, do you know anything about it?”

“In fact, I do,” Unavatatu said.

“Tell us everything you know,” Ben said.

Unavatatu said, “We put a curse on Riphod that if they do not help us they will  lose all of their trees, but if they help, they will get all the trees back again.”

“Okay then, we will help,” the king said.

Sia turned to Unavatatu and the Riphodian king and said, “You didnt need space explorers to come and solve your problem. The most difficult of problems can be solved by just attempting to talk to the other person.

After a few days of making sure everything went smoothly, Sia and Ben returned back to Earth.

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