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#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown: Poem- Never ending friendship

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Poem: Never-ending friendship

I know you’re moving very far

I can’t even get to you by car.


I’ll miss you so much

Let’s try and keep in touch.


You can call me, face time me

Or catch up over a game online maybe?


Better yet, you can come visit me

We’ll have a sleepover like old times. Yipee!


I’ll always be here,

For you, I keep my schedules clear.


Here’s the plan for next time

Let’s make some blue Ocean Slime.


When we meet each other

We’ll have lots of fun together.


You know there’s more

Let’s get together and explore.


I don’t know when we’ll meet

I’m sure it’ll be a treat.


But there’s a thing I need to tell you

Be your old you and I’ll be me too!

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