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‘Staying Indoors,’by 7 year old Aarit Jain from Ranchi Tangram #5

Man Tangram Ranchi Activity with Sara Bookosmia

Hey there. Your new best friend Sara here! Today’s tiny tangram story is by Aarit Jain, my 7 year old Little Readers Nook friend from Ranchi. Read on.



Tangram Activities for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

The crocodile said come sit on my back I’ll take you to the other side of the  river. The man thought it’s an easy way but what if it eats me midway.

There was another way- a bridge for which he had to walk a long long way but he decided to take the bridge and not go for the other easy option.

Moral of the story- Don’t take the easy way of going out of your house right now because of the virus and do it the tough way of staying back and doing  things inside your house.

Aarit Jain, 7 years, Ranchi

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