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Advik Ajmani

4 Years

53 Years


Beautiful Insects by 4 year old Advik from Ranchi- Tangram #6

Butterfly Tangram activities with Sara for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 4 year old, tiny Advik from Ranchi has shared this tiny story. Read on!
Once upon a time there was a boy named Advik who went for a vacation to Rishikesh.

There he saw beautiful gardens with nicely potted plants and flowers. He loves to water plants so he watered them nicely, then he saw beautiful mountains  and there was a zipline tower in the mountain.

Advik was an adventurous boy. He wanted to try the zip line, so he finished his zipping from one end of the mountain to another. After that he saw a  handsome horse. Advik wanted to have a tour of Rishikesh sitting on the horse.

Tangram activities for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

After he finished that, he went back to his glass house where he saw some beautiful insects , some were buzzing , some were flying. They were colourful and pretty in their own way.

Advik enjoyed watching them and then as it was dusky he went back to his hotel room and slept .



Advik Ajmani, 4years, Ranchi LRN

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