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Bird, Dog and a lesson in building trust by Navika Jain 7yrs and Sharanya Mall 8yrs from Kolkata -Tangram #12

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Hey. Sara here and I am back with some cute yet meaningful stories from our friends at LRN. 7 year old Navika and 8 year old Sharanya draw out a beautiful distinction between being cautious and being distrusting ,through their tangram story.
Can you think of a story on these tangrams too?
Once upon a time there lived a bird. One day the bird was feeling thirsty. So it went near a lake to drink some water. A dog was also drinking water in the lake. The dog asked to be friends with him. But the bird did not trust the dog so he did not become friends with the dog. One day the bird was in trouble. He was caught by a hunter .The dog quickly jumped over the hunter and saved the bird. The bird was very ashamed of himself. The dog forgave the bird for his foolishness. They became very good friends.

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