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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- A strange wait

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It all began from Wuhan, a dreadful pandemic
‘Twas like Contagion, spreading awfully.
Millions of bodies and souls suffered.

And yet, it was the first time the sky was so clear
All the mist and smog long gone.
For the first time, birds were heard
And the air was fresh and charming.

Families were together, friends were apart.
Never by heart, and best friends were missed
Terribly though .
All under the same moon, sun and stars.


To all the doctors, soldiers and people out there
Yearning to share their boulders
Today the churches, mosques and temples
Welcome the weary and dreaded ones


Playlists were altered and cooking became a trend
Books changed to memes
And languages changed to long chats.

There was fear, panic, sickness and death
But, this togetherness helped us
All over the world, people realized a new reality
And all those things we took for granted,
Suddenly felt so important.


We wonder why we never held them so tight
And thanked the universe for these gifts.
This crisis became the ultimate challenge to face
People believed,”This too shall pass.”

A new sunshine of hope grew
And people grew strong along.


We wait, but this wait was strange.
We wait, to meet our favourite people
To go to our favourite places.
To spend some moments again
To recreate those unforgettable memories again

And to love, again.
So, we stand here, today, together
And forever, to fight this letdown
To thank the universe again for saving us.
All of us.

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