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#SaraReads: Story-The Story of the Eighth Colour

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The Story of the Eighth Colour

One day in heaven, God called all the eight colours – red, blue, orange, green,
yellow, violet, white and indigo for a quick meeting. All the colours were
curious to know the reason for this sudden gathering. As everyone settled
down, God announced that he wants to decorate the sky and wishes to form a
band of colours. All the colours were excited to take their positions but as soon
as God turned his back they started arguing on who will get a bigger share in
the band of colours. God heard the argument and told the colours “I am
making seven sections in the band. Each of you can hop into one of these
sections and then you will have an equal share. “All the colours obeyed God
and chose their sections. ‘White’ was the youngest of them all and was
standing last in the line. Finally, when his turn came, all the sections were
filled. Poor white went in a corner and sat down. God smiled and told white,
“The sun is a very good friend of mine. Go to him and he will help you.” White
was sad however, he trusted God and followed as told. Sun heard his story and
offered white to shine with him. He told white that every time its light will pass
through the rain drops, the band of colours will be formed and the sky will look
beautiful. The sky was delighted to know that and fondly named the band of
colours as ‘Rainbow’. So, whenever the white light passes through rain
drops, we see a beautiful band of colours that is ‘rainbow’ in the sky. So it does
not matter even if we are as simple as white. We will find the best way
amongst the brightest colours around. In fact, it is our simplicity that makes us
unique and it is our trust in God that he has chosen the best for us.

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