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River Pollution – Flow Away River, You Deserve Better | Bookosmia

River pollution - Flow away river, you deserve better



River, river, flow away
While your waters are still pure
River, river flow away
While their boats are still secure

Flow away to faraway lands
But they all look the same
Everywhere, a concrete jungle stands
All that’s changed, is the name

Flow away, flow away
But they’ll chase you down
Lash out, but they’ll have their way
Your resistance, over time, will drown

You shall be chained into towering dams
Restrained, at the mercy of their hands
All your glory and fame, a cover for a scam
As they dig you deep for your sand

You must wash away all their guilty sins
As they chant prayers and hymns
Where your waters end, the sewer begins
Where tin cans and plastic bags swim

They wash their bloody hands in your waters
Blood of countless animals and trees
Weep, weep your children they slaughter
Piling them on docks in heaps

They are serial killers,
guilty, for countless crimes
Hollow are the pillars
Of the society in today’s times.


River pollution - Flow away river, you deserve better



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  1. Dear Reva Upadhyaya, How well have you pen down your expressions ! It is just amazing to see a child writing with deep thoughts. Keep it up beta ! Congratulations & Blessings

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