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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid:Essay-Lockdown Vs Me

#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid young author

These days my horizons have been confined to my house. My world has been seized by this VIRUS. It is indeed a political hot potato. Being a free spirited girl,I never knew that my life would be controlled by a minuscule creature that can’t be even seen with a naked eye and is yet so powerful.

This virus has caused a catastrophic havoc in the world. Everything has its pros and cons, so does this lock-down . At first this step taken by the prime minister seemed astounding to me for it surely would have brought a sink in  the growing number of cases. And it did. But what else was the effect of this  lock-down on our lives? This lock-down gave me an opportunity to discover  the true me , the uncharted side of me. By each growing day, I kept on  discovering a whole new piece of me. Living a chaotic life and juggling many activities at the same time was pretty difficult . But this lock-down gave me a break , I discovered how there is a world beyond our so called social life. How we are so much more than what we perceive ourselves to be. The significance of bonds and relations. During this period I made my family my friends. Playing  multiple board games, giving people virtual hugs , video calling friends and  family and of course learning from a whole new method.

I know nothing can be compared to the ebullience of going to the school with  all our friends. At first I was a little skeptical with the concept of virtual  learning. Would it be able to deliver knowledge? Would  it be a success ? But  indeed this virtual learning is giving us a wholly different experience, and revamped all the prejudices . By virtual learning I got a chance to read and  critique each other’s work and respond to the comments of my fellow  classmates. I have learned that by discussing each other’s ideas , we are in turn challenging each other to examine our own thoughts and feelings . This makes classwork way more enthralling as we get a chance to share personal experiences in the discussion while improving on our writing style. Going to a
virtual school, discussions on issues are done in chat rooms and forums where everybody is able to write their perspective on the issue . Other features of the online classes are the learning aides that are being used while taking the course, such as flash cards , games and videos which increase learning experience. Once in a blue moon , during lectures which are not particularly stimulating, I switch off my camera and go on a little elevenses, for who would not avail the comfort of being in your home and munching on some nibbles while studying . But sometimes it does get monotonous , it’s like being jailed in your very own house , counting the each passing day. Seeing the news is heart rending- how the number of cases are increasing but on the other side it is awe-inspiring and gives me immense pleasure to see how nature is replenishing itself during this period. How it is healing all its wounds caused by humans and their materialistic needs. It is nothing more than a miracle seeing heavy rains and a balmy clement weather in the month of May in Delhi. A month of sultry , muggy weather otherwise. This lock-down is a wholly different adversity for all extroverted people, but is also an opportunity for people to discover themselves too .

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