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#SaraReads: Story- A Great Ocean Rescue Adventure

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Once upon a time a girl named Iri was playing on the seashore and looking for shells. She found a glittering shell on which it was written: “No matter what, you can still be the one”. She ran to her grandmother with the shell.

The grandmother said, it could be from the mermaids from deep down the sea, you can be a mermaid, but you have to believe in mermaids.She opened the shell and found a necklace; it was a magic necklace! when she
wore the necklace she transformed into a mermaid.


She dived into the deep sea, where she met the ocean queen, “The queen mermaid,” with her daughter, “the princess mermaid; named Arielle having cucumber soup.”

The queen and Arielle took Iri around the ocean and showed her the very   beautiful ocean world. They also warned her to never go alone as there exists a sea monster who wants to eat all mermaids and have the sea treasure to all by himself to become the king.


When Iri removed the necklace she was on the shore and she ran to her  grandmother and told all about her ocean adventure. “Grandmother, grandmother, I explored the ocean world with Arielle …”!  Iri then remembered that she had left her necklace on the shore. She ran back to the shore and  took the necklace to see many people diving into the deep ocean to search for treasure, she wore her necklace and dived back to the ocean.


She met Arielle and together they saw how everyone including the monster  was eagerly searching for treasure. Everyone together with Arielle and Iri fought the monster and threw it away from the ocean, still, nobody could find the treasure.

When everyone had left, there was still one problem, people who had come to look for treasure had left all plastics and trash onshore and in deep ocean  waters. It was a big danger for the ocean, Arielle warned all the sea creatures to not eat or go near the trash while Iri got a big net and took all the trash away from the ocean and put it in bin far away on the shore.


The ocean was saved from the trash and monster, and Iri was the proud owner of the magic necklace which could change her to mermaid anytime. As for the
treasure, that’s another story for another day.

The end.

5 Responses

  1. Wow my dearest Ira, once again you have brought out a small but beautiful story to us with the clear message about how we selfish people spoil oceans by discarding everything which we don’t need and in the process spoil clean ocean water and kill all creatures in the ocean. Kudos to you on your creativity of becoming mermaid and exploring the deep sea. We are very proud that you are our lovely grand daughter……………
    Lovingly Yours,
    Ajji and Daadu.

  2. This is such a lovely story!While reading it,I felt like I was Iri & that I was taking a tour of the beautiful ocean!
    And I’m so so proud of Iri for cleaning up the trash so that all the wonderful ocean beings can be safe & happy!
    Waiting for more!!!

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