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#SaraReads: Poem- What the world would be, if decided by me!

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What world would it be

If decided by me

Let’s see

Each country pollution free.


No hole in the ozone layer

Whole world with green plants and trees

Glowing stars and fresh air,

No differences in he and she 

People showing respect and care.


What world would it be

If decided by me 

Let’s see,

A world without global warming

Pure water to come when it rains.


The view of Mother Earth as attractive as Prince Charming

Pollution decreased when electricity runs through the trains

People would be paid equal, business or farming

No killing animals as you don’t feel their pain.


What world would it be

If decided by me

Let’s see,

Rival countries brothers and sisters

Sun’s rays and clear blue sky

No robberies and no murders

No frauds and no lie.

All are equal Mrs. or Mr.

No-one is low, all are high.


This is the world that would be,

If decided by me.


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