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#SaraReads: Story-How Killshot and Juggernaut finally caught Prarun 

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How Killshot and Juggernaut finally caught Prarun 

Prarun was a robot with mega guns in his hand. He wore a white suit which had  black kneecaps and toes. He had turbo boosters on his back that helped  him fly. He also had an antenna on the top of his head. He grew up poor and did  not have anywhere to live and unfairly blamed others for it.  


He had a mischievous plan. Prarun wanted to build his own city. The plan was  to make a potion that would destroy whatever it touched. To destroy the city,  he would go up in the sky and mix all the clouds into a big cloud. Such that it  covered the whole city. He would then pour the potion into the clouds. This  way, when it rained, the potion would spread all across the city.  


The plan was to be carried out at 11.30 in the morning. It would take him 30  mins to make his plan come true. He decided to watch the city being  destroyed from the top of the highest building. It would take around an hour  for it to rain and destroy the city. While he was waiting, he did not notice that  Killshot was coming to take him down.  


Killshot was his nemesis. He used his special power called ‘mealdash’ to break   down the building where Prarun was in. Killshot was about to wreck it all when he noticed that Prarun was right behind him! He quickly turned around to  catch him but Prarun shot up into the sky with his turbo boosters.


Killshot had  no idea where Prarun went. He then used his identifying camera to locate Prarun. Killshot found Prarun back on top of another building where  he was waiting before. But he did not notice a boulder that was coming down  on him. Prarun threw the boulder. It came down crashing right on Killshot. He  was trapped. Killshot called his friend, the Juggernaut to help him take down  Prarun. 


Juggernaut came and pulled Killshot out. Three more boulders came down to  crush them. But Juggernaut’s shield saved them. They wanted to take down  Prarun once and for all. They rushed up the building, but he was nowhere to be  found. Killshot used his identifying camera once again, to find him. They finally  found Prarun hiding behind a building very far away.  


Juggernaut transformed into a fast car. Both of them caught up to Prarun and got a hold of his leg. But that was not enough.  


They only had 15 mins left to save the city. They quickly went to their lab to  make a healing potion. By the time they were done, they only had one more  minute left. They rushed to the city with the potion and jumped into a hot air  balloon. In no time they were up in the clouds. Clouds that had the bad potion  were destroyed and replaced with the healing potion. 


The city was saved with only 25 seconds left. No one except Killshot and  Juggernaut knew how close it had been. 

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