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‘Nature’s Visit To The Doctor’ Story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Read with Sara Story by Ibrahim

At Dr Ibrahim’s chamber, a patient called Earth who was very ill, came in. Here is how their conversation went :


Earth: I have a headache due to too much noise. Please help me. What’s the reason?

Doctor: Oh, that’s bad. There are rules of not blowing horns near schools and hospitals which are silent zones. If people do not follow them, their driving license can be revoked. But still, they do not follow them.

Earth – I cannot sleep properly as people are switching on the lights at nights. What’s the reason?

Doctor – Unfortunately, that’s light pollution.  People are reckless about using electricity.

Earth – I have a severe stomach ache as people are polluting the water. Please help me.

Doctor – You have gastroenteritis. This is because people throw their garbage and plastic bottles in the water bodies. Do you know we have policemen guarding water bodies and even security cameras to prevent them? But still..it’s of no use.

Earth – I cannot breathe properly as there is too much pollution in the air.

Doctor – Yes, that’s a big problem and the cure for that is people should drive less cars unless its an emergency or for work. They should not use unleaded petrol. They should build less factories as it causes a huge amount of pollution. If they build a factory they should plant 100 trees and if they do not do it they should be fined.

Earth – I have chest ache and palpitation due to microscopic particles in the air. Can humans do something about it?

Doctor – Yes. We humans must prevent forest fires and stop burning wood because it lets off gases that form microscopic particles in the air. We should stop those factories from operating if they are using wooden stoves and fine them.

And then the doctor started treating earth but he knew that he alone won’t be able to treat this patient. All of us humans have to do it together.


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