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‘Life of a River’ Essay by 13 year old Bookosmian from Jaipur

River story for kids by kids Read with Sara by Bookosmia

Whenever we see a gushing river, we all come across a thought. If the rivers could talk, what would they talk about?


I am pretty sure they would have some interesting talk and some interesting gossip. They might go like this, “Did you know that I heard that our friend Ganga has been polluted? There is a ton of waste in her. Oh really, I have heard that this is a common case with the rivers. I am also not that clean.”


I am also sure that they would criticize the humans a lot for polluting them. They would take their revenge by floods, landslides and whatnot.  I also believe that they would have a really strong sense of unity.


Now what would they do in their free time? What would be their sports? Well if you imagine their sport would be a drop throw. They would compete on who could splash the most humans in the least period of time. Big rivers like Ganga would be the inspiration and the role models for the other. Their big gushing water and their tidal waves would truly be an inspiration for smaller rivers.


Similar to us humans graduating from school go to college, the rivers would have aspirations for going to big oceans. 


The cleanest waters would be admitted to bigger oceans. This would be their equivalent to colleges. Of course they too would have scholarships. If a river has high potential but is not that clean, then they would be admitted after being cleaned up.


Now what would be their jobs? The rivers that would graduate with top marks would certainly be used for religious purposes while the others would just be used for washing. 


In the end we can conclude that if they could speak and if they would have feelings, they would be similar to us and live life like us.


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