The most beautiful sound? Essay by 13 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Most Beautiful Sound Essay Read with Sara Bookosmia

           What’s the most beautiful sound you can think of? Mine is the first heart beat and the sound of evergreen childhood memories. Sounds can be more mysterious than the magical apple which comes in the story ‘The Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs’. I’m saying this because sounds are so much more than simply things we hear.


          Music we hear is stored in our brain. When we listen to music, it brings to us the memories of the past. Sometimes it even changes the way we feel. Like hearing happy music could bring back happy memories and similarly for sad or emotional music and songs. 


             Another sound that is really beautiful and important to me is the sound of friendship. To get good friends is not easy. It is something we have to work for.     


         Of course, the most important sound is the sound of nature which is  evergreen. The sound of air, water, fire, earth and the sky is difficult to hear but an awesome experience nevertheless in the forms they come like the sound of gentle breeze, the sound of drizzling rain, the noise of the winds.  I guess every sound is beautiful in it’s own way. 


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