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Read with Sara: Essay-I, my sister and the magical recipe for Corona’s cure

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It was the middle of the Corona virus lock down. My sister Akshara and I love  to bake. One fine morning the two of us were making  a chocolate cake with  my mother. Akshara  readied the batter and I helped her put the ingredients and mix the batter. 


Meanwhile, my little sister Aadhira was playing with a ball. Suddenly she threw  the ball at the batter and the batter got spilled. We got angry and started  chasing her. Aadhira hid in the attic. When she came out we saw a cookbook,  “A magical cookbook.”


“We have never cooked these recipes before,” said Akshara. “There are not just some unique spices but also spells!” I said. We cooked some spells and  showed it to our Mom and Dad.


Last but certainly not the least, we cooked a spell and found a cure for corona virus and saved everybody. 


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