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Read with Sara: Story- The lost girl

Read with Sara stories for kids by young writers Pranshi Ahmedabad Bookosmia

It was a beautiful and a fresh day. We all played carrom after which we all  decided to go to Mumbai. It was afternoon and my father booked ticket for Mumbai. The train was at 5:20 PM. We all packed our bags and then got ready and reached the station well in time. So we all thought of playing Atlas. My  father won because he has traveled to so many places. Afterwards the train
came and we sat inside. Our seat number was B-15. In the morning we woke up and brushed our teeth.

We were happy to reach Mumbai. While we were still getting off the train, we  saw a girl crying. We ask her what happened but she did not answer our  questions. We asked her many a times but she continued crying . We took her  with us and said, “We are not strange people, please talk and we will help you.” Then she finally talked. She said, “We were going to our grandparent’s house.  On the way, my mother asked me to wait till she came back. After five minutes, I was bored. I saw a beautiful cap far off and then ran towards it. that I lost my way.”

My mother asked her, “Do you know where you were sitting?” She replied with a “No” and started crying again! We informed the railways assistance team. Then my brother gave an idea to stick posters  on the railway station with her photo and our number. We went to the printer at the station, printed and put her posters on the railway station. We then gave her food to eat and bought  her some toys and new clothes.

After some time, there was a call for her. Her mother had seen the poster and  called our numbers. She called and said, “I got your phone number from the  poster.” We got her to talk to the girl and she immediately recognized her  mother’s voice. She started crying on the phone as she was missing her  mother even more now.

When her mother came to take her, the girl started jumping with happiness.  She hugged her mother and both had tears rolling down from their eyes.”

Seeing them I also went and hugged my mother and promised her to be very careful when we are travelling.

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