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‘The Humble Chef’ Essay by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Essay-The Humble Chef


It was my mother’s birthday and we went to a restaurant named Vedic for a family dinner as a part of the celebrations. When we entered the restaurant, the menu looked different yet tempting. We looked for help as to who could guide us through the menu or help us to select the dishes so that we could experience the best food, the place had to offer. 

To our surprise, master chef Ajay Chopra came to us and was ready to help us. Mr. Chopra is a very well acclaimed celebrity chef in his field. He was very modest in explaining the menu and the concept of the “back to basic” theme of the food served in this restaurant. He also offered us to accompany him to the kitchen and to have real time experience about how the food is prepared. The chef was with us throughout and he served us the 3 courses of meal while explaining the origin of the food and to which state it belonged. He was kind enough to ask my mother if the air conditioner’s temperature needs to be adjusted. 


We were all elated with his humility and down to the earth nature. He was generous enough to click a photograph with us. The chef even conversed with us like a normal person, which made us all so comfortable. He encouraged my father to start cooking at home and shared some of his future plans of opening restaurants in our city. According to me the chef might have attained heights in his profession, but his feet were firmly planted to the ground.


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