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When surprise turns to shock! Essay

Surprise party story for kids by kids Bookosmia

One day my friend Lily and I were talking about some parties that we had  attended, then suddenly I remembered that our best friend Emma’s birthday  was the day after and we had not planned anything for her birthday!


At once we started discussing about what we could do for Emma’s birthday. It  suddenly came to my mind that we could throw a surprise party for her. I suggested that we could do it at my house as my parents and my brother  were going to a farm and I was going to stay home. We also realized that  nobody’s parents would allow their children to throw a party at their own  houses as it would get dirty.


After that we started deciding what things we could do at the party and about  what we could give her as a present. Finally, we agreed to give her a bunny  house as Emma has a baby bunny but she does not have a house for it.


So, we ordered a pretty bunny house for her and the one that we could afford.  Later, we started searching for cake themes, then I saw a video of a unicorn  cake which we liked. Lily took responsibility to bake the cake as she is excellent at baking.

The next day after my parents and my brother left, I invited Lily over to my  house. While Lily was coming, she ran into Emma which made Lily nervous.


She thought that Emma would get suspicious but thankfully Emma did not  suspect a thing. Until the time she arrived, I gathered all the decorative items I  had. I saw the cake which Lily had baked and it looked incredible.


I started  decorating, while Lily began sending the invites to our friends, then  she also joined me to decorate the room. When we finished decorating, we got  very tired. So we decided to do the rest of the things the next day.


Finally the day came, everybody started coming and they were very excited  for the party. Then I called up Emma and told her that a kitten was stuck in a tree in my back yard, so that she would definitely come to my house to help  me rescue it. We all had hid in different places at my house.


Finally, when Emma entered my house, we jumped up and shouted, “Surprise!”

Emma was startled. Then we wished Emma happy birthday and after that, we   started playing the games and all of us enjoyed the treasure hunt. Emma was  so surprised to see everybody. Then we cut the cake and it tasted delicious  and she also loved the gift we gave her.


When everyone was enjoying the party, I heard my neighbors complaining  about the loud music. Suddenly the police arrived which shocked me.  Everyone got scared and started leaving. As a result the whole party got spoiled. The police said that we need to put down the music.


After everybody left I turned around and noticed the whole house was a big  mess. Then I got a message from my mom that they were going to arrive in half an hour, as the farm had been shut down because of a drought.

Then I was bewildered about what to do. I quickly started cleaning
up all the mess and by the time my parents and my brother arrived, I
managed to clean the house. Thankfully, they did not notice anything
and I was relieved. Although, the ending of this party was not good
but I had enjoyed myself so much that I could never forget it.


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