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‘Oh my city of Joy – Kolkata’ Place Review by 17 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! While COVID has locked us in, our imagination can still help us revisit all those lovely holidays! Welcome to my ‘Places with Sara‘ section 

I cant wait to pack my bags and head out. Until then lets  read through these wonderful travel memories from kids. Lets keep our wish lists ready!

Today’s write up by 17 year old Shritij Beriwal from Kolkata is about his own home town and the beautiful, city of joy- Kolkata!

Shritij place review with Sara Kolkata Bookosmia

Shritij is fond of reading books and writing essays. He is an honest person and loves to explore different places. He is a student of La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata and Word Munchers. 



Kolkata or Calcutta is the second largest city in India and one of the four metros in India. It was the capital of India during the British rule from 1772 to 1911. 


Kolkata is nicknamed as the city of joy and how true that is! Each day in Kolkata is a festival. Durga Pooja is the most important festival where people light their houses with bright lamps and get dressed in new clothes. They go to the pandals, worship the mother Durga and pray for the betterment of their family. 

Durga Pooja procession festivals with Sara Bookosmia

In Kolkata, each person can afford food at a minimum rate of Rs 4 compared to other megacities.

Kolkata has various modes of transport, from hand pulled rickshaws to autos to buses and taxis, metros and the unique trams.

Kolkata tram place review with Sara Bookosmia

It is also famous for delicious desserts and sweets such as Sandesh, Mishti Doi and Rossogullas. People can also buy mouthwatering jhal muri and puchkas at just Rs 10. I recommend Russell Street for this.

Bengali sweets places with Sara kolkata Bookosmia

The river Ganga flows through the city. It provides for its people. If you like shopping you will enjoy our many markets like Newmarket, AC market, South City mall and Quest mall. People also visit Park Street and Bara Bazaar and enjoy a delicious variety of restaurants. 

park street Kolkata places review with Sara Bookosmia

In the field of education there are many schools such as La Martiniere, Don Bosco, Modern High School and many more which have excelled in academies as well as school curricular activities. Kolkata has also produced many great writers such as Rabindranath Tagore.


Places such as the Botanical Garden, Science City, Nicco park, South city mall, the Howrah bridge and the Victoria Memorial are a must-visit.

victoria memorial kolkata places with sara Bookosmia

For the fitness enthusiast, there are many clubs in Kolkata for swimming, table tennis and lawn tennis. The food of these clubs is also very delicious. Our IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders is one of the best teams in the competition. 


I like living in Kolkata not only because it is my hometown but also because of it being a hub of culture. My Kolkata is a city like no other! 



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